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"I achieved an 'A' for my GCE 'A' level H2 Economics. Thanks to Mr Anthony!"

- Jas (Ex-JJC, Undergraduate at NUS)

"I enjoy learning Economics from Mr Anthony. He gives clear explanations to the complicated Economics theories!"

- Yvonne (Ex-JJC, Undergraduate at NUS)

"He makes Economics seem so simple! Thanks to him, I achieved an 'A' grade for my A-levels!"

- Rebecca (Ex-SRJC, Undergraduate at SMU)

"Mr Anthony is very clear and systematic in his teaching of Economics. My results improved by leaps and bounds after attending his lessons."

- Tiffany (Ex-ACJC, Undergraduate at NTU)

“Dedicated and interesting teacher. I went from 'E' grade to 'A' grade for my A level Economics examination! ”

– Kristyn (Ex-RJC, Undergraduate at NUS)

“His lessons are expensive but worth the money. I got an 'A' for A level H2 Economics.”

– Yi Tong (Ex-NJC, Undergraduate at NUS)

Never seen an 'A' for Economics before. I am grateful to Mr Fok for making this possible. Only taught me for 3 months before my examinations and my grades jumped from S to A!"

- Janelyn (Ex-ACJC, Undergraduate at NUS)

"Never would have gotten my ‘A’ in Economics for A level if it weren’t for Mr Fok! I got ‘U’ for both my school’s mid-year exams and prelims, but under Mr Fok’s guidance, I managed to get my ‘A’ in A levels. His clear explanations definitely helped tremendously, as did his patience in helping me improve my Economics. Never regretted getting him to be my tutor!" ​

- Yuyan (Ex-RVHS, graduated in the year 2012 and awaiting admission to university) 

"I first sought Mr Fok for H1 Econs tuition in August 2012, when I was in JC Year 2 at Innova Junior College. I was always struggling with Econs since the very start of my JC education, and have never once passed any econs test before, be it mid-year or even small class tests - that was how bad my Econs was. I had tuition with Mr Fok for 3 months only. Mr Fok provides top notch Econs notes. He gives clear explanations about the Economics concepts, provides SBQ and essay writing techniques and skills. In the very short 3 months, I find that my economics concepts have changed from bleak and confusing to crystal clear. Besides the greater understanding of Econs that I developed, I gradually start to find that Econs is not that much of a difficult subject after all. Mr Fok highlights clearly the important points to take note when doing econs, thus making the study process very much easier. Aside to that, lessons are never boring. Mr Fok is funny! He shares real life experiences and examples to spice up his econs lessons. At the end of 3 short months of tuition, I sat for my A levels. I found that my A Level Econs paper was the most doable paper I have ever done. I was a straight U-grader for econs for 1 year and 7 months, and at the end, I scored an A, all thanks to Mr Fok's help!

- Phyllis Kho (Ex-Innova JC, Undergraduate at NTU)

Teachers' day cards from ex-students


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